Notable Property Investment UK Locations

investment-property-ukWe are often told that in the world of real estate, location is king. Although we have to admit that there is more to buying an asset than just its location, we cannot discount its massive importance. Plus, the fact that it affects other factors that add and diminish value makes it a topic worth discussing. In the United Kingdom, for example, the same rule applies. Despite of the country’s notable and illustrious sites, there are a couple of notable property investment UK locations that scream ‘buy me’ to investors. Do you want to know where these are? Better read up to find out!


A major city in the northwest of England, Manchester is known for its rich industrial heritage. Although the average price of properties in the area is nowhere near cheap, it is considered to be one of the most promising locations that are able to yield significant rental returns. This is highly attributed to its large student population. Moreover, the Metrolink tram service extension has made it all the more accessible.


A large town in South Yorkshire, Rotherham is known for its 15th century, Saxon and Norman sites and structures. Investment-wise, this makes it a charming area with enough tourism buzz. But more than that, Rotherham is a coal-mining town that houses more than £500 millions of investments and caters to over 9,000 jobs. With a railway station and a 12,000 seater football stadium under the works, the value of properties and the rental rates are bound to rise.


Perhaps the most expensive investment location in our list, Oxford is located in central southern England and named as the ‘City of Dreaming Spires‘. It is most known for the 12th century university named after it. Just like the next location in this list, Oxford’s investment potential relies on its historic and educational charms that bring in the demand from tourists, students, young professionals and businesses.


Known for its notoriously popular educational institutions, Cambridge is dubbed as the ‘university city’ and is located along the River Cam and is about 80 km north of London. Census reports that about 20% of the population consists of students. Furthermore, about 40% of its residents are degree holders who work within the area thus continuously attracting software and scientific research companies. These alone make rental demands high.

Which among these notable property investment UK locations are you most interested in? If you haven’t decided, check out some options here